Social Justice Council

Dedicated to social justice at ASL

"The Social Justice Council aims, through action and education, to promote a school environment in which all members feel safe to voice their opinions while embracing the identities and backgrounds of their peers."


  • Inform students of current events

    • Events taking place around the world can have a large impact on ASL's diverse community. We will strive to be an aware and informed student council, that will act as a resource for unity and open discussion on current news/issues.

    • We will continually update our website and bulletin board of current issues that we believe effect the ASL community.

  • Make students aware of problems within our community

    • While our school is generally accepting and aware of what is occurring within the walls it's important to reflect and spread awareness. We hope to set aside times in our meetings to discuss things going on in our community and what actions we could/should take.

    • Stop the resentment that is present within us and schools around us.


  • Teach students, as well as teachers, the wide dictionary of appropriate words to use in situations and towards people.

    • Our school is known for bringing leaders into the world. It is our job to make sure those leaders who will go out to great colleges and universities and the rest of the world, know how to not only handle difficult situations but also not to become a part of the problem.

    • Additionally, understand the small nuances that appear and make people different.

    • Demonstrate the dangers of sexist, racist etc “jokes.”

      • Although they are for humour, they do affect others and are the reason for the mask that is worn by every ASL student, hiding certain details about themselves.