Social Justice Council

Dedicated to social justice at ASL


The Aequitas Week

From Latin, aequitas means justice, fairness, equality. 

A week long project designed to engage the high school community in critical thinking about social justice topics through workshops, discussions, poetry, and an open mic reading.


Aequitas Day 

Monday 18 January - MLK Day

A modified schedule will provide time for a high school assembly followed by 45 minute workshops.



Keynote Speaker: Clemantine Wamariya

Storyteller and Human Rights Advocate.  Born in Kigali Rwanda, at the age of six, Clemantine escaped the Rwandan Genocide, living in refugee camps and separated from family across seven different counties. This experience emboldened her to fight injustice and champion the cause of those without opportunity or protection of law.



Each student will participate in one 45 minute workshop. A range of topic choices shall be offered including race, diversity, activism, and feminism. Students will be able to select their workshop preferences.

Changed Schedule

8:05-9:10       High School Block 1 (Period 7)

9:15-9:45       Aequitas Keynote Assembly

9:50-10:35   Workshops

10:40-11:45    High School Block 2 (Period 1)

11:45-11:55     Short Break

11:55-1:00      High School Block 3 (Period 3)

1:00-2:00       Lunch

2:00-3:05       High School Block 4 (Period 5)

Open Mic Night

Thursday 21 January, 7 – 9 pm

Hosted in the new ASL Community Arts Building Gallery, Open Mic Night will showcase workshop and independent student materials. The ASL community is invited to attend and participate!


Created by:

The Aequitas Project was created by the the ASL High School Social Justice Council in partnership with the ASL Faculty and Administration.  


Questions & Thoughts:

We welcome your questions, please contact the Social Justice Council at