Social Justice Council

Dedicated to social justice at ASL

Here is a data base of ASL clubs and organisations that are concerned with social justice within the ASL community and also world wide.

Amnesty International

Purpose: The Amnesty International club is to encourage high school students at ASL to take a stand against the big issues that face our world today like ending the death penalty and protecting everyones human rights in the world. We can do this with help of one of the most powerful NGOs, Amnesty International. We hope to accomplish a greater awareness about human rights in general and hope to make a stand for others who's human rights are being violated. 

Main Event: More information to come.

Meeting Times and Location: The club will meet once every 8 day cycle during conference time. Possibly in the Social Studies Pod

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Livy Scott & Ms. Mason 


ASL Autism Awareness     (AAA)

Purpose: In cooperation with the National Autistic Society, the goal of the AAA is to raise money and awareness for people who live with autism. We hope to accomplish this by newsletters and social media to keep our cause relevant. Throughout the year we will hold fundraising events to help fund an accumulative event that the whole high school can participate in.

Main Event: While we hope to raise awareness of autism throughout the year our main event will be a informal sports competition of some sort (soccer seems most feasible) in the main gym on the closest Friday of Autism Awareness day (April 2). This year the nearest Friday to Autism Awareness day is April 1. To prepare for this event monetarily we will need to raise funds through bake sales or other methods throughout the year. 

Meeting Times and Locations: Depends on needs of members. Likely once a week for lunch or twice during conference time during the first semester and as we near our end of year event the meeting time will increase in quantity and length. The location will be O-329.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Malcolm Tisdale, Sourna Daneshvar, & Mr. Smith


China Club

Purpose: Learn and Discuss Chinese Culture


Meeting Times and Location: One per week in the Language Pod.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Livy Scott & Ms. Mason 


Gender Equity Club

Purpose: To promote gender equity in the high school and educate the student body through various media and discussions, and collaborate with other social justice groups to promote intersectional feminism.

Main Event: Feminism in London Conference on October 24th at the Hilton Metropole. 

Meeting Times and Location: Every Tuesday during lunch hour in O-326.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Victoria Dreyer, Hannah Link, & Ms. Green


Gender Sexuality Alliance

Purpose: The GSA has 3 main purposes. 1) To help ASL's closeted members of the LGBT community to have a support net, and generally feel more comfortable with who they are. 2) To give ASL's "out" members of the LGBT community to also have a positive support net of people they can talk to about issues and to generally be able to have likeminded companions in the community. 3) To promote a more prevalent culture of allies within the ASL community.

Main Event: At this time, we don't have any culminating events scheduled for the club. 

Meeting Times and Location: Once a week for only about an hour in O-320.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Rami Kablawi, Khari Brandes, & Mr. Poggioli


It's On Us

Purpose: We hope through this club to make a safe haven for students within this school and to open up the discussion on sexual assault. Our main goals are to destigmatize sexual assault, to teach students and teachers how to handle cases of sexual assault in a positive way, to educate our community on sexual assault, look at cases of not just students but those in the media that are appropriate/ plausible for our age, and to open up the discussion and make it a safe place for those who have been in these situations.

Part of the meetings would include education on sexual assault and looking at case studies, as well as looking at how to handle these cases. Additionally they would cover the changes which could be made in the school, which includes raising awareness, events, and fund raisers.

Main Event: November 8-13 It's On Us National Week of Action, where a chain of events both in this campus and in hundreds of other campuses raise awareness and money for the cause.

Meeting Times and Location: We envision this club meeting once every week/every two weeks when necessary and more often around the days of the National Week of Action / around events for a conference time or a lunch time, once again depending on the issues to cover that week

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Charlotte Young, Claudia Costa, & Mr. McGowan


Latin America Club

Purpose: The intention of this club is to allow people to experience and discover Latin American culture. We intend to do this through film screenings, going to an art exhibition, and maybe selling some authentic food.

Main Event: We only plan on giving people the chance to come along to an art exhibition and a film festival. Attendance is not required to be a part of the club.


Meeting Times and Location: At most I'd say once a month and it will probably last until the end of the year or when we host the Copa America tournament. Meetings will be held in O-306

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Jose Alberto Orive, Mr. Nuchereno, & Mr. Rojas


Middle East Club

Purpose: Middle East Club offers the chance to raise awareness about, experience, celebrate and be a part of Middle Eastern Culture at ASL.

Main Event: Middle East Night is our club's biggest annual event. It is a celebration of all things Middle Eastern! Members of the club have the chance to read pieces they've written pertaining to the theme of the night which could be anything from Hope to Cousins, and a guest speaker is invited to speak on this same theme. The event takes place sometime during May.

Meeting Times and Location: Meetings will take place during lunch, roughly once a month to plan and host events, which will take place after school. Meetings will be held in O-322 or one of the English Classrooms.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Dima Fayyad, Amin Ojjeh, Rami Kablawi, Charlotte Young, & Mrs. Elhadj


No Barriers

Purpose: Integrate ASL with other schools in discussions about the sources of conflict. No Barriers helps kids with different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs understand each other and discuss realities and conflicts in the world. Having such a diverse community in ASL it would be a waste to not have dialogues about our different views. Not only do we have a diverse community in ASL but also all around London, the club hopes to extend to schools like QK and the Jewish Free School so we can have a variety of views. In this club we plan to have interfaith dialogues, dialogues about racism, and especially conflicts happening around the world.

Meeting Times and Location: Every other Monday during conference time in the English Classrooms.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Mariam Sousou, Luke Bandeen, Rehan Zafaar, Jack Plocica, & Ms. Thompson


Seeds of Peace

Purpose: The purpose of our club is for former Seeds of Peace campers and counsellors associated to ASL to have a place to convene and discuss ideas as to further the program within the school and advertise local London events for Seeds. We will also look to work with students and families at ASL interested in the organisation to be able to advance their interest, and work with students interested in attending camp with advice on their applications.

Main Event: Some of the events we will be participating in are the annual bridges to peace walk on October 4th, as well as a number of other fun seeds events that will be planned closer to the time they take place.

Meeting Times and Location: We envision this club meeting once every two to three weeks to keep up with local Seeds events not that their London office has hired it's first full time staff and will meet in 0-326.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Rehan Zafar, Oliver Chene, and Mr. Smith



Main Event: 

South Africa & Ubuntu Club

Meeting Times and Location: 

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Emily Gossett, Isobel Sheil, & Ms. Williams


Purpose: The purpose of our club is to raise awareness about the issues related to the region of South Asia and to provide a place for students to explore questions of identity, service and leadership related to South Asian culture.

Main Event: We will be hosting our annual South Asia Night, which we envision taking place sometime in the Spring.

South Asia

Meeting Times and Location: Once a month, with additional meetings when approaching club-sponsored events such as South Asia night or organised displays. Meetings will take place in O-316.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Rehan Zafar, Maya Jotwani, Vish Nanda, Mr. Basu, & Ms. Shafqat


Purpose: Unity in Diversity operates at the intersection of Social Justice Council, Gender Equity, GSA and the various geo-politically focused clubs we have at ASL. Unity in Diversity aims to educate its members on the core identifiers that often shape society's decisions and judgements, ultimately using this understanding to positively change ASL and members' communities. Through though-provoking lectures, interactive activities, and open conversations, Unity in Diversity will not only help members understand the lives of others around them, but also their own true identities.

Main Event: Although not a school-wide event, we hope to help our members organise class-wide privilege lines. This could happen during class meetings. 

Unity in Diversity

Meeting Times and Location: It will most likely meet two to three times a month during lunch, for the duration of the school year in a math classroom.

Student Organisers and Faculty Sponsor: Milo Kremer, Rizal Zakaria, & Mr. Rojas


The Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC)

Explanation - The Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) is an inclusive, multiracial, multicultural gathering of upper school student leaders (grades 9-12) from around the country. SDLC focuses on self-reflection, allyship, and community building. Led by a diverse team of trained adult and peer facilitators, participants will develop an appreciation of their own identities, build effective cross-cultural communication skills, better understand the nature and development of effective strategies for social justice, and practice expression through the arts, while networking with their peers.

Time and Location: December 2-5 in Tampa, Florida

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. Basu