Social Justice Council

Dedicated to social justice at ASL

2nd Meeting Notes



So in todays meeting we covered several topics.

  • The use of the n-word in the ASL community and how to combat the use of such a horrendous slur in our school and in our entire general language use.

  • We discussed body image and commentary and how to work on reminding one another to respect each other, particularly in the case of ones' body.

  • We discussed the possibility of adding a discussion feature to this website so that conversations can be carried out in a safe and neutral environment.

  • Assigning roles for different aspects of the Council:

    • The social justice bulletin board

    • The website

    • This blog

    • Clubs coordinator

  • In addition we also discussed supporting current club projects and we talked about possible future projects.

    • Discussing the growing islamophobia in Europe

    • The loopholes in media/news reporting of current events