Social Justice Council

Dedicated to social justice at ASL

Introducing the Social Justice Council

Hello ASL,


We are the Social Justice Council. Our purpose is to discuss and aid in bettering the Social Justice environment in the greater ASL community. One of the Council’s many goals is to create a safe space where difficult topics can be discussed, a safe space where facilitated discussions can take place where we are able to embrace and listen to everyone's opinions.


The Council is made up of a mixture of representatives from all grades and many different clubs such as:

  • Unity in Diversity

  • Middle East Club

  • South Asia Club

  • Gender Equity

  • Gender Sexuality Alliance

  • Latin America Club

  • Seeds of Peace

  • Etc.


We as a Council maintaining such community norms as:

  1. Be fully present.

  2. Speak from the “I” perspective.

  3. Be self-responsible and self-challenging.

  4. Listen, listen, listen, and process.

  5. Lean into discomfort.

  6. Experiment with new behaviours in order to expand your range of response.

  7. Take risks, be raggedy, make some mistakes – and then let go.

  8. Accept conflict and its resolution as a necessary catalyst for learning.

  9. Be comfortable with silence.

  10. Be crisp; say what’s core.

  11. Treat the candidness of others as a gift; honour confidentiality.

  12. Suspend judgment of yourself and of others.


We had our first meeting Friday, November 21, 2015, and have had weekly meetings since then.


This blog will be updated on a weekly basis updating you on discussions and ongoing topics of interest.


The current Council member profile pages can be find on this website. Please feel free to contact any member of the council with concerns or commentary related to social justice.


Wishing you the best,